Monday, September 20, 2010

A Boy & A bolt!

Soon, very soon I hope to finish our vacation blogs, first day of school, update on the house (not that I have anything to update besides to whine about selling a house while homeschooling and living with 5 children, and it has been less than a week on market, ahh!) But I had to share this story!

On Saturday we attended the Lifewalk for Life Network. This is to raise $ and awareness for unborn babies. This is the first time we have been, because we are lazy and it is early in the morning. But my aunt knew one way to get us there, sign Makenna up to face paint! So we went and cheered on Amy & TJ in the 5K. They both did GREAT and I am so proud of Amy! (Proud of TJ also!) I hope someday I can have the courage to run in a race. But at this point, I KNOW I would die before I left the finish line I am so out of shape. Moving on. While at the walk, a sweet lady was making balloon animals and gave Sawyer this.

Not that exactly but similar. As we left she said, be careful because it has a bolt in it.(to make some noise) I think she felt I needed this warning since I had 8 children with me. I should have listened better. From the lifewalk we went apple picking and then came home. I was in the living room w/ the kids, passed out on the couch. Not because I ran, of course I did not. To be honest, we never even made it around to walking at the Life Walk but that was because I had 8 children in my care who all wanted balloon animals so it took some time! But because we had a showing that the house had to be ready for, while getting us all out of the door that morning before 8am. Again, moving on. So we are sitting and suddenly Sawyer, who was laying on the chair, jumps up yelling, "I JUST SWALLOWED A BOLT!"

He is grabbing his throat, and beginning to freak out. I, in my passed out, soothing mother voice asked what he meant? He, not liking that I am not jumping off the couch starts getting louder, A BOLT FROM THAT BALLOON! I asked if he was choking. "NO, but this is SERIOUS". About this time, Malaine, being the sweet sister she is, jumps up and begins yelling, SAWYER SWALLOWED A BOLT MOM, YOU HAVE TO HELP HIM!! I am assuming me laying on the couch not moving and just looking at them trying to figure out WHAT they want me to do was not the answer!

So I did what any mother would do, I went to Mark, told him his son swallowed a bolt and he needed to take care of it! ;-) Ok, so I did go one step further. I called the doctor to see if this was an emergency, who told me it COULD be, and directed us to take him to the ER. THEN I told Mark he had to take care of it because I was not sitting in the ER. Which seemed like a good idea till he left and I was stuck in the house w/ 4 girls who were tired and crabby from a long day, so I wished to be in the ER!

Thankfully, the bolt, which turned out to be a nut, was already in the stomach, not stuck in the throat, which was the worry. After Sawyer getting teased by the whole staff at the ER, he was sent home with the message to let things just pass naturally. ;-) The dr told him it was the nuttiest thing she had heard all day! The xray tech said she saw no problems unless he started pooping screws. and the 2nd dr said she was expecting to walk in and find a baby, not a BOY! Thankfully Sawyer is good natured and learned his lesson. Don't lay on the couch and toss a bolt in the air w/ your mouth hanging open or next time mom WILL go NUTS!

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