Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Week at the Lake!

We are so fortunate that my parents own a house on a lake just a few hours from here, and are so generous to let us use it when we want! We went down for a week this summer, and it is always so nice to just get away. Lots of boating, swimming and just relaxing. This was the first summer we took the little girls out on the tube and they LOVED it. Mavery more so than Sage, but even Sage did great. The little girls are so interesting with their personalities. Mavery had no issues jumping on the tube and begging Mark to go faster. Yet it takes a whole lot of ice cream bribing to get her in the lake to swim! Sage is diving off the side of the boat into the lake, but is more cautious when it comes to tubing. Malaine was nervous to tube but then did fine. Makenna & Sawyer, well they just want it to go faster and see if they can stand on the tube! No fear in those 2. We did have one scary incident while on the boat. Mavery had just come off the tube and sat on the rope with out us noticing. When Mark took off in the boat, pulling the older kids on the tube, she got wrapped up in the rope and scared us all to death. Rope started to pull her over and wrapped around her neck. Thankfully no harm was done besides me tossing a bag of cookies overboard during it. Which killed the older kids "NOT THE COOKIES". I am obviously teaching compassion well in them! ;-)

Also enjoyed visiting with one of my good friends who has moved away. Thanks Shannon for coming to see us! We miss you!
And while there we looked at these, and the kids tried REALLY hard to talk me into one. Cute, REALLY cute, but now is not the right time for that.

Fun relaxing week!

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