Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our House

6 years ago we built our house. It was the second house we built, but the first custom home. It is our "dream home". The house we believed we would be in forever. After many, many moves in our marriage, we were DONE and this was THE house. Forever. We found a lot out of town, on over an acre of land, and we poured over plans. We wanted open with cut outs, something unique.

We knew we wanted a house to entertain in. And we have done just that. Many Many Many times.

We wanted a place our kids could run and have fun. And they have.

It is a place where we have loved and learned. A place we have grown. And then grown some more. A place where we have lost...

Remember when Mavery cut off her hair!

And Malaine lost her first tooth? Or who could forget Houdini the hamster?We have celebrated & had so many firsts...
Like Sawyers broken foot. (not that we celebrated that!)

First Days of school
First Ball games

First Dance Recitals

First Slumber Parties!

And First steps!

But when we built this house, we believed our family was complete looking like this.

Till God breathed this dream into our hearts of a baby with almond eyes and jet black hair.

Adoption was conceived in this house as we cried out on our knees to hear.
And we did. Adoption was born here.


And so while it was our dream home at one time.
We now know that THIS is the dream we are much more thankful for.

The dream that matters. And so while situations like this have caused us to realize what we can't afford.

Smiles like this make us remember that a house is just a house.

And where ever they are, wherever we all are, is really what makes it home.

So yes, I am sad. Many beautiful memories were created here. It is a gorgeous house and we feel blessed to call it our home. But we look ahead to the adventure of making new memories. We already have a new house ready and waiting for us which is an amazing thing. It is similar in size, just a bit older. (a lot older!) Funny thing is, it is right next door to where Mark grew up, and he had been in the house many times as a child! It really is a perfect situation for us and we know, we KNOW that God has his hands all over this.

We could have stayed like this. Stayed here.

But thank you God for interruptions in our best laid out plans.

Please pray for us as we try to keep the house ready to be seen! We pray for a quick sale and that the family who moves in here will be as blessed by the home as we have been. For the record, the kids are all good with moving. They love the backyard on our new house because it actually has a tree they can climb and a cornfield to play in, I mean look at! ;-) My children are all for new adventures!


Mom 2 six said...

Hoping for a speedy sale. Home is where everyone is at- you will make new memories !

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said!


Anonymous said...

What a great post. I love the way you explained things and put in the pictures.
I agree a house is where your family is.


Anonymous said...

We are in the exact same position and for quite a while I went back and forth from feeling very sad to be leaving my dream home to feeling alright about it. It took time. I think I'm ok with it now, although I admit, it will be horrible seeing the place empty, and leaving for the last time :(
We are excited for change for our family, knowing that this will eventually help us have the funds to adopt another precious child. It will all be worth it in the end.
This is a horrible time to sell a house so we're praying for a very fast sale and hoping we can move on and start a new wonderful life somewhere else!
Good luck with everything!

Lester Migues said...

I guess, one of the biggest changes a family can ever face is moving to a new house. I mean, it's hard to let go of something you were very much attached to, right? So I admire your positive attitude there, which apparently influenced your children. Life is all about making new memories and learning new things each day, and that's something to look forward to despite whatever house you live in. Good luck, Shannon!