Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Saturday we spent the day exploring the city. We started off by driving to see the hospital where Makenna was born. It was in the city, so we did not stop just drove by. She thought it was very old and boring looking. ;-) We went to the Childrens Museum. Ate lunch at the Spaghetti Wharehouse, one of our old favorites. Rode to the top of the mountain on the Duquesne Incline, took a drive to our old apartments, and ended up back at the creamery!

Where Makenna was born!

At the childrens Museum

We got to play in Mr Rogers neighborhood! Did you know that the sweaters he wore were all knitted by his mother? Sweet! The kids are on "his swing"

This stuff was like quicksand, the kids had fun getting covered in it.
Our Tiny Artists
Going up the incline, Mark trying to sneak in a nap I think.

A view of the tram going up the incline.
The weather was dreary the day we were there, which is so what I remember Pittsburgh always being like!

It is a neat city though, a very cool downtown. It is known as the city of bridges.
The new football stadium

Can't tell well in this photo, but at the triangle is where the 3 rivers meet. We always found that neat.

Kids on top of the mountain. Not sure where Sage is, sliding down the mountain?? ;-) Mark and I used to have a place we loved to eat up on the mountain, but it was a bit to fancy for the children.
Very fun day!

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