Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hersheys Chocolate World

Our first day in Lancaster, we drove into Hershey to spend the day at Chocolate World. As we entered into Hershey, we could smell the chocolate. The street lights are hershey kisses, which is just adorable. My dream town for sure!

The factory is where you are able to learn how chocolate is made. We started with a tour that takes you through the process. We loved the singing cows! But of course the best part is the chocolate samples they handed out after you get off the ride.

Next it was on to see a 3d movie which was lots of fun, with of course our favorite part being the chocolate samples afterwards!

We moved on from that to the Chocolate Tasting Adventure where we sampled 5 different types of chocolate, along with learning the history of chocolate.

After that we went on a singing trolley ride around the town of Hershey where we heard the history of Milton Hershey, who started it all. It was actually really interesting and he was a really good guy. Oh and of course CHOCOLATE samples!

Last, our favorite we were able to design our own candy bar. You were able to choose your fillings, flavors, toppings, name it and design the box. We all loved that, fun and YUMMY!

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