Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

We spent Tuesday in Lancaster at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. What a fun place! It is similar to Eckerts that we have here, but much larger and no apples to pick!

We walked forEVER through a huge corn maze that is over 5 acres. We finally did have to admit defeat for fear that we would not see anything else in the place so a kind scout led us out. In the maze they did have different activities you could do, a rest stop of snacks, clues to try to help you through.

They had a great petting zoo and we were all convinced that baby goats are the cutest thing ever! Baby chicks, milking a "cow", fun for all.

TONS and I mean tons of activities for you to do. We could have spent 2 days just playing.

We ended the day getting to see Aunt Mary who has moved out near by. So good to visit with her! Thank you Mary for driving to see us, we miss you!

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