Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sage-my heart -gotcha 4 years

August 21, 2010 we celebrated 4 years since Sage was placed in our arms. That day, this child, has forever changed us.

From the moment my eyes saw her in that room in China, I have not been the same.

For I not only saw a glimpse of God I had not seen before, my eyes were opened to a world outside of what I had ever known.
I fell in love with a place that had rarely entered my thoughts, a land called China.
I realized just how many children there were out there, who were just like this baby God placed in my arms, waiting for a mommy. Needing a family.

I realized what God meant when He said He adopted ME.

I realized why I had waited for so long, why the journey was so hard.

Because He was preparing her for me.

My heart, forever changed.

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