Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Makenna birthday pictures

On Makenna's actual birthday, we had a fun day as a family. Breakfast in bed and holding her new i pod touch, her 13th birthday gift from us!

A package of Harry Potter Silly Bandz from Sawyer, they are all HP fans.
MAKEUP! She has been begging to wear mascara for awhile so I gave her a small makeup bag with mascara and lipstick.
Yes, it is an 8 on her cake, we did not have a 3 on hand. ;-)

For dinner we had a special date. Just Mark and I took Makenna to the Melting Pot. We love going there and have never taken the children. Last year we promised each of them when they turn 13 that would be their special treat. She LOVED it, and we had a great evening!

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