Thursday, May 24, 2012


One of our dinners out we went to a Hibachi grille. We thought it would be a big treat for the kids to watch their food cooked at the table. As you can see, Sawyer was NOT impressed. 

 To much sun and a little bit tired mixed with a picky eater? Let's just say he won't be traveling to China any time soon.
 Though he did TRY a few new things, and the rest of the family ate it up!
Our cook was really fun! 

Another evening we ate at a HUGE seafood buffet. The kid's all (ok 2 of them, who don't care for seafood, shockingly NOT Sawyer) whined about it. Till they saw that it was unlike ANY buffet they had ever seen and realized that they could find just about anything they desired. I was proud of them for trying crab legs, YUM! (I forgot camera so no photos) 

We are thrilled that there is a Jersey Mikes on every corner around here! This was our favorite sub shop when we lived in Charlotte, and the kids were quickly convinced that it is now their favorite too! 

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