Thursday, May 17, 2012

Team Ten!

Last week we had our tickets booked to China, with 9 team members.

We had hoped for ten, we had prayed for ten.

LOTS of people were praying with us that we would have ten.

And while many kept saying, that #10 is coming, I was over it.

I was frustrated because I WANTED 10.

We really needed 10.

We believed for 10, but time was up. 

Last week it was time to book tickets and so we bought 9 tickets.

And the flight grew longer this year I swear it did.

Tuesday I got an email from a member that went last year.

AND the year before I might add.

We celebrated her 15th birthday in China.

I think she is more mature than me.  

So she emails and said she feels God is telling her to go, is it to late?

I think I cried.

I did not want to get to excited because, well, because.

Wednesday she emailed she was on Team Chenzhou 2012!!

I did cry right there sitting in the nail salon.

Because God….

Heard our prayers.

Knows our needs.

Presses on hearts and speaks even at the last minute.

Thankful for these YOUNG girls who are willing to sacrifice for these kids.

Thankful for parents who are willing to believe when God speaks to a 15 year old.

(Lord PLEASE help me remember this with my own children!)

Thankful for all those who prayed and believed that number 10 was out there.

Even when I did not.

I can now officially say Team Chenzhou is COMPLETE!

50 days and counting!

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