Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Want to help the orphans?

Last year we were so blessed with donations of stuff to take to China. From all over the USA we had donations to share with the kids. The nannies. Pretty much any one we might encounter while traveling. 

But there was one problem with all that stuff. Getting it over there. 

Our goal? Carry on only and use our checked bags as donations. That was a bit easier for some than others. 

We have thought long and hard about this whole donation thing, and our conclusion is, while it is FUN to give them a show in the China airports.

What would REALLY be easier is to take over CASH donations and BUY the supplies there! Because most of it IS made in China. ;-) 
And there happens to be a store right next to our hotel, where we can purchase all those things they need such as formula, diapers, wipes etc. 

So, if you want a way to help us out, please stop by our team blog by clicking here..

EVERY little bit helps us out. But most important, it helps out the kids, and really THAT is what this is all about. 

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M and M Girls said...

Good Luck Shannon. I bought baby formula via your website for China. I do have a bunch of brand new blankets. Not overly thick. If you want me to I will send them to you. They should not take much room in your luggage. I am sure you have seen them at Target in the value section ($1/2.50). I think they are animal themed like a bear or something. I have them rolled. I bought them with the intention of sending them to Molly's SWI but then we moved....and then moved a again. Well, they sit in a box.
Let me know.
my email is graceful.living4me@yahoo.com

I am so proud of you! You have the biggest heart around. If you are ever in the Orlando/Tampa area I hope you call me.

June Jitterbug
Mom to M&M GirlsITCDUTU Adingla