Friday, May 18, 2012

Vacation Day 1

I guess technically day one was yesterday, but since we did nothing but DRIVE, I don't count it. Though I have to say, it was not a bad drive at all. Which is a first for me EVER to say that with 5 kids in the van. They did great, nothing broke down, I wrote a few blogs, good day. 
(the flags are our travel timeline, we moved a bus each flag every 100 miles. Totally stole that off pinterest!) 

But today.... 

We made it to Augusta where we are spending the weekend with Marks brother and family. Before we arrived at their house, we met up with some new friends. You might remember Makenna and her special baby from our trip? Well today we met her family! 

This is NOT the same baby we met almost a year ago! LOOK what love can do! They asked if she looked bigger, or has changed alot. She is still a tiny peanut, but she just looks loved. She looks content. She looks like she just fits perfectly in their family. 

 She came to me and let me snuggle on her and oh she is adorable! How do you put into words holding this child in her home, surrounded in love, remembering the last time I held her?

 And God, how He works things out in ways that only He could do! Makenna really loved this baby girl. And then to find out she would go to a home with a big sister her own age? Not to mention that she would be in the town her uncle lived in? Really amazing.
 When Amy contacted me, I knew we would be fast friends. We share so many of the same passions. SO so thankful that our paths have crossed.
 Two spicy Chenzhou girls!! 
10 children, 2 families, beautifully designed by God's plan. Connected by His grace. Thank you Amy for your sweet hospitality! We hope to visit again!! 

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