Thursday, May 24, 2012


The thing I enjoy about Myrtle Beach vs other beaches we have been to is that it is like having  Branson (for those at home) with the ocean. We LOVE sitting on the beach. But we also LOVE having options for the evenings. It is a good mix for our family. Relaxation when you want, things to do when you want.

 We have had perfect weather for out time here, and really the crowds have been low, which is always really nice.
 Just enough people for our kids to make friends. Of course.
 The biggest issue we have with the beach is that all of them truly believe they are mermaids and have NO FEAR of, well, ANYTHING. They especially love how rough the waves are. Wave pool anyone?
 We have done lots of digging
 We have buried and buried. (can't claim the pigtails, she is a cutie though!)
 Sage has made it her mission to collect LOTS of shells. 
And clams! She wanted to keep them all but I said no way, they were making to much noise! ;-) 

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