Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Broadway at the Beach

We spent our last evening at Broadway at the Beach. It was a perfect ending to our time at Myrtle Beach. 

We found a fun lego store, all of our kids love legos. 
 They had a tower building contest that a couple decided to enter and Sawyer won! 
 We had fun looking at all the silly shops. 
We had oysters, YUM! 
 Can't take them anywhere! 
 My boy! 
 The girls wanted their photo with the "peeing stingray". Not sure why they had a statue that made it look like that is what was happening!

 Riding Rides! 
Sage chose this ride and we had no idea when we put her on it how fast it went or for how long! She said no more thank you! 
 Hula Hooping! 
Good bye vacation, till we meet again! 

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