Friday, May 18, 2012

School is out!

This month has been pretty emotional for me.

My babies?

Are done with kindergarten.

I am not sure how that is possible.

I swear just yesterday I was crying my eyes out that they were STARTING school.  

And now they are done?

We told Sage either she has to stay in kindergarten one more year,

Or we were going to have another baby.

She struggled with the answer on that one.

She is VERY excited to go to first grade.

But she REALLY likes being the “baby”. 

Because babies are really loud.

And stinky. (in her words)

She knows we are joking of course.

Though nothing makes me want a baby more than all these graduations.

My oldest?

Done with 8th grade.

Which also means done with homeschooling.

In August she will go to High School.

PUBLIC high school.

Some will breath a sigh of relief.

Some are disgusted with me. ;-)  

Never really particularly cared what anyone had to say about my children’s education.

Besides God.

It is a whole post on its own.

So while I am excited that we survived Homeschooling, and the girls did so great at school, I am just not excited by the fact that life is just flying by.

It seems not that long ago Makenna graduated kindergarten.

And for goodness sakes, didn’t we just fly home from China with Sage?

Wasn’t I just praying for God to change Marks heart and let us bring home Mavery?

You know the saying days go so slow but years so fast?

It is proving more and more true as I get older.

Mark tries to convince me that no matter if we add more, eventually they will all grow up.

My response of at least it stretches it out does not phase him.

Regardless, time marches on and as we end this school year with bittersweet feelings, we are celebrating with a week at the BEACH!

With a stop to visit cousins and some Chinese "sisters". 

Hopefully a chance to blog. 

Relax, smile and ENJOY our time together. 

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