Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vacation Day 2-Augusta with the cousins

Marks brother lives in Augusta and this is the first time we have been down to visit. It is so hard to be away from cousins, so time spent together is super special. Many of you prayed for their family when they lost their home in a fire one year ago. I know it was hard for Amy to lose so many precious things, BUT we love their house and the kids all agree they just have so much fun happening here! 

 They took us to a park where they decided they would be tree huggers.
 And rock climbers. 
 This reminded us of Johnson Shut ins, beautiful! 
 Matching cousins! 
 Getting cooled off. 
 How many people can you fit in one van? 
 They fed us well! Dessert before lunch is our favorite! 
 Cake, YUM! 
 We have major pool envy going on for sure. 

Fun in the sun! 

And on the go karts! 
 Tired out from all that FUN!  
 Hanging out
 Watching fireworks! 
Graham is about the same height as Malaine, she is on a hill! 

Good times, never enough time. But next stop is the BEACH! 

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