Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magical Fun!

 On one day it started to rain a bit later in the day so we headed over to Magiquest, which was LOTS of fun. We had never done anything like it, but it was perfect for our group. Each kid gets a wand and clues.
 They must travel through the kingdom collecting clues and solving a mystery. Their wand is "magic" and if you point it at certain things, it gives you the clues you are looking for. Makes things light up, sing, trunks open.
 If you ever have a chance to visit one, we would highly recommend it. All ages loved it. I think they were feeling a bit like Harry Potter. ;-)

This is such a fun area of Myrtle Beach. Broadway at the Beach. Outdoor shops, fish to feed, treats to eat, we actually went twice. 


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