Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Fun

Trying to make sure Sage keeps the car on the track, she is in such a hurry to make sure Mavery does not get to go first!

So do you think she loves it?! Doesn't everyone wish they had a roller coaster going from their kitchen to the living room?

All dressed up in her princess best and ready to roll! They even enjoyed a big push from Makenna so they could really fly!

We are so happy that Uncle Shane brought a playmate along for the kids, they are able to talk Esther into trying anything!

Though even Grammy realizes how much fun these cars are!

Shane & Esther racing, not sure who won but Shane was not happy we made him squish on here with his long legs! FYI, they hold up to 250 pounds, so fun for all!

Christmas Morning we have a tradition of having the grandparents over for brunch so that they to can enjoy the chaos of our house. Along w/ the fact that it gives us lots of extra hands to put gifts together. It is a nice relaxing way to spend the morning. (Did I just use the word relaxing? YEAH RIGHT, what is that?!)
2 Favorite gifts here were the Coaster Cars and the Roller Coaster. I had heard of the cars on my adoption board, they were having a deal on I had never heard of them before, but the reviews on the board were so great I had 2 shipped our way. Now I wish we had bought 3. I am not sure who is having more fun, us or the kids!
The roller coaster is lots of fun for the little ones as you can see and while we could use 2, 1 is good enough and helps us learn all about sharing and taking turns. The older kids are holding out hope for the Extreme Coaster next year. Doubtful. I often whine that we need to finish our basement but it sure is nice for the kids to make their own amusement park down there with no worries of destroying anything!

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