Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Story

They look ready to sit and listen to the story!

The olders trying to make it pretty.

And a little one playing down set hike with Joseph!

Peace on Earth!

After dinner we read the Christmas story from the bible, while letting the kids act it out w/ our nativity set. While I had visions of this being such a sweet, religious family tradition, it was more like, well, not like that! Instead of hark the herald we heard hey, its my turn, or throwing the stars of the show like Baby Jesus, or well, I am sure you can imagine when have 2 3 year olds involved what it might be like. Which does not sit well with the olders who take this stuff seriously. But hey, we tried and hopefully next year certain children will get that throwing Mary & Joseph is not really a nice thing to do. hehe!

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Nancy said...

I love your Joseph story. My 3-year old granddaughter said that Joseph needed to go to work. My daughter asked her what he did and she said coaches football. I guess three year olds know best. Have a wonderful first Christmas with Mavery.