Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving Gifts

Sawyer is so much fun to buy for, he always gets SO excited!
Malaine has had her eye on this doll for a long time, good pick Sawyer!

Makenna very excited about her jewelry chosen by Mavery. (or mom!)

These 2 are hilarious! So close and so sweet!

Mavery got a pair of dress up shoes from Sage & I hope I can get the video up of her walking in them with her mini skirt on. It is the most hilarious site!

Sage is so intent when looking at things, really studies it. Makenna found Mermaid Potato Head!

They all loved Malaines gift to Sawyer!

When you have as many kids as we do, this is an easy tradition! We let the kids draw a name of a sibling secretly, earlier this month. Then we visit the local dollar store one at a time and they choose something for that sibling. They put so much thought into finding the perfect gift (choices are limited at this store, and I am amazed how they think) wrapping it up, keeping it a secret etc.. I tried to take Sage shopping for Mavery which did not work out so well since Sage wanted it all for HER. Overall I was proud of all of them at how thankful and sweet they were to each other.

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