Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twas the Days before Christmas.... Dinner!

Trying to catch up on this week in blogs. If you remember we decided this year we were going to start a new tradition of doing a fancy dinner together since our holidays are so crazy on the day of. The kids had so much fun at Thanksgiving and were very excited to have a repeat. Sage has asked over and over when we would drink our juice in the "dinner room" with candles. I made the mistake of asking the children what they wanted for our Christmas dinner. It was a unanimous vote for steak. We have been spoiled to many times by Marks boss with deliveries from Omaha steaks in the past. But we figured we would go ahead and give them steak and boy did they LOVE it. I think Mavery out ate all of us with the steak. She was so funny, she likes her meat for sure. Scroll down for more of our evening fun.

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