Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love you to the Moon

Having fun in their birthday gifts from Monte!

Mavery LOVES raspberries.She and Sage can do this forever!

My turn, haha, that tickles!

Cute girls in cute outfits, thanks Shannon!

There are times I worry about the little girls. Mavery is CRAZY about Sage. Sage on the other hand, well, how do I say it. Lets say she tolerates Mavery, but there are times you can tell she gives her this look like, why are you here and when are you leaving? But right when I start to worry, they do something so stinken cute that I can hardly stand it and I KNOW that they are growing closer and closer every day. I myself never had a sister, I am so thankful that I get to watch these relationships between all my girls.
As we were coming home in the car last week I hear this..
Sage: Mavery, I love you to the moon and back!
Mavery: I uv u Sagey to moon!

How sweet is that!
They are sure to give each other hugs and kisses before bedtime and while it is usually Mavery who is the most excited to get up and go get Sage, Sage is returning the excitement now. They light up when they see each other and always know where the other is. If one gets a piece of candy, she is sure to get one for the other.
One day they were doing flips off the couch, Mavery following Sage of course. Mavery was going and Sage was behind her and pulled her pants right off of her. Mavery thought this was HILARIOUS! They both got the giggles and suddenly took off running into our room and Sage tossed the pants into Maverys crib, which had us all rolling in laughter. We have all laughed so much in the last 2 months, life is fun!
Of course, life is trying to. Trying to go anywhere has me sweating. You get a coat on #1, move on to #2. By the time you are done catching that one, wrestling into her coat and ready to go, I look around and all I see is a coat. An empty coat, with out child #1 in it and she is nowhere to be seen. The one who understands english well, does not listen well. The one who listens fair, only speaks english fair. And that is only the youngest 2. Thankfully the older 3 are easier. Well sometimes that is! ;0) We have decided going anywhere and leaving anywhere is the hardest part of having 2 this age. There are many hard things, but that is when we get the most stressed. Believe me though, we get stressed, ALOT. Someone said today, just think, in 10 years it will be so much easier. 10 YEARS! I was counting on 10 more months it would be easier! I am trying to convince Mark we need a trip to Disney in the future. Tonight as we were trying to get out of church he looked at me and said there is NO WAY I am taking these 2 to Disney with in the next few years unless alot changes! hehe!
Our family was able to take part in the Christmas musical at our church this weekend. I am hoping we can get a video clip of it to show you. All day Sage has asked, when do I get to go back up on the stage? As we walked off the stage tonight, Sage is saying, I want to do that again, mom, again! And all the way home that is what we heard. When do I get to go on stage again? So it seems we may have quite the performer on our hands. As if that would surprise anyone that knows her!

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Mom To Six said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!