Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Christmas Day

Aunt Debbie gave Esther and I cute warm socks we were having fun with!
Very fun!Mavery was very patient as they passed out gifts, she kept saying Open? Open?

Sage enjoyed passing out gifts

Makenna playing Santa
Once again we have no pictures of our evening with Marks side. I tried to bring the camera but our van broke down (yes our new BIG van, so sad) on the way and when we transferred vans the camera got left behind. I blame this all on Mark. OR his brother, he is a photographer, and where was his camera? ;0) Hopefully next holiday you will see we really do visit with them! Not that the pictures are plentiful on my side, what is the deal with men and not taking pictures unless prompted?
OH and for my Christmas gift Mark gave me a sewing machine. I had asked and he told me no as he was/is certain it will be a waste of money and that I won't learn to sew. I hope to prove him wrong! ;0) In my spare time I am sure I can figure it out, right?

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Mom to my China Posse said...

You have such a awesome family! Love the cars and rollercoaster set up wish I would have did that now. Where did you get that coaster for the cars?