Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Malaine has been having fun at school. She had to decorate a gingerbread man and take it in. We of course made a girl and I think she turned out pretty cute!
She also had her Christmas program on Friday. She was very sweet and cute. Much cuter than the 2 little ones sitting with me that I had to keep entertained through it. I was reminded of why I barely leave the house! ;-) Actually they did not do that bad, thanks to a stockpile of suckers from Grammy.
This weekend we all get to be involved in the Christmas Program at our church. Lets hope the children cooperate. I have my doubts about certain ones. hehe!
Check out Maverys hair on her blog, so funny!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Looks like a very well dressed gingerbread girl. Glad school is going well and that Malaine is loving it.

Amber said...

Shhh...don't tell...Malaine's was one of my favorite gingerbread people! :)