Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Bear for Mavery

Sawyer being sneaky after kissing his heart!
Put all that love inside Bear!

Fluff it up, everyone take a turn! Let's make her pretty!

Her name is Song!
Hurry Home Mavery, we can't wait for you to meet your Bear!

You may remember when we built a bear for Sage while we waited to go to China. The kids slept w/ that bear till we left, and Sage has not slept a night with out it since we have had her. It is her bear, and if we lose it, we are in trouble!

Well the kids have been asking when we would make Mavery her bear, and so we were able to go recently after seeing Kung Fu Panda. Which we loved by the way. As you can see, their choice for Ms Mavery was the Panda. Despite the fact that Esther thinks we americans assume all asians LOVE pandas! Well as my kids say, pandas ARE china bears! ;0) So a panda won, and it is awfully soft that is for sure.

They had fun all choosing a heart, kissing it(even Sawyer!) and stuffing all 4 hearts in the bear. They were quite sad that there were no chinese outfits to be found in the store, but we think she turned out pretty cute anyways.
So we have the bear, we have the matching outfit waiting to match her sisters, we just need us a Mavery. Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting..


Stephanie said...

Love it!
Shouldn't all Asaians love Panda's? Doesn't all American's love Apple Pie? And French people must love French fries, right?
I am excited and tired of wiaitng for Ms. Mavery, too.
Hurry home little panda!

Esther said...

ADORABLE!!!! I have to say that I haven't seen such an ADORABLE panda bear in 25 years of my life!!!!!

Who doesn't like panda bears?
Who can't NOT love panda bears?

Panda bears = China
China = Asian
Panda bears = cute
Asians = Cute
Esther = Asian
Esther = Cute

Mom to my China Posse said...

Ah!!!!!! To cute and I love the girls outfits! Maybe Sawyer needs a brother to match with! lol...


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Awww...how cute! We did that for Lauren too! Love the matching outfits!!

Jana said...

What a great idea!!! We sent Oakley a teddy baear in her care package and Sullivan slept with it a few weeks prior to us mailing it. He was intent on doing his part:). Oakley has that same sweet shirt from Gymboree, so she'd fit right in that photo. Hope you hear good news soon!!