Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spicy Girl VS Spicier Girl?!

Spicy Sisters, back together at last!
Is that really us in China?
I missed you friend!
Hunan Friends Forever and Ever
Happy Mommies with their Spicy Girls

What a fun weekend! We have been looking forward to this weekend since, well, I guess since we came home from China! Our dear friends, The Gove Family came into town for our agencys reunion. You may remember, Annaliese and I met online before traveling to China. We actually scheduled our flights to China together, and while in China we found out our daughters were "roommates" at Chenzhou. Evangeline, aka Evie, was just one day older than Sage. I have a few pictures of the girls in China, and even then, they just seemed to connect. They would see each other and just stare at each other, like, what in the world is going on here! Well they saw each other for the first time since China this weekend and they hugged like long long sisters! It was just SO sweet! A few times, (and I stress few, these are 2 very busy girls,) i would catch them just staring at each other, and it was that same connection, that same tender stare. It just made my heart smile.

Friday, we visited at our house. We had not of course had the chance to meet their other children, who are similar in age to our children. Our kids all played so well together and at the end of the night Sawyer asked why they had to live so far away! Sage was actually kind of mellow, I think she was a little confused as half the day she would say, Mavery is coming tonight? Mavery, Evie, sounds close I suppose! Now in China, Sage was probably the calmest baby in our group. She was the only one not moving and slept alot. Evie was not quite that way! She definitely had a little more "spice" to her in China. And every time I would post on the blog about our Spicy Girl, Annaliese would say, I think you are writing about Evie! So to see these 2 girls now, almost 2 years later was such a treat! By the end of the first night, we had decided that Evie might possibly be the spicier one, but I think Sage caught up with her by Saturday night!

Saturday we enjoyed Childrens Hope Reunion. The kids all had a good time running, playing, getting their faces painted, eating and just being together. After the picnic we met at the Arch where the spicy girls were ready to roll! They were full of fun that is for sure and we just laughed and laughed, what else can you do? Makenna enjoyed everyone, and I mean EVERYONE asking if the girls were twins! She kept saying, this is what it is going to be like for us all the time pretty soon! We ended with dinner at Fitz, where the kids all did really great. I guess letting them all have Root Beer Floats to begin dinner probably helped that!

Our time together was to short, and like Saywer, we are so sad that we live SO far apart. But we are thankful for the time we did have to visit. We just love their family and they really do feel like family. We know our spicy girls will always stay close, we will make sure of that.

We also enjoyed having two 2 year olds together, as a glimpse of what is coming for us! I kept telling Mark, it is going to be SO cute! Mark said, it is going to be SO crazy! HA!

More pictures coming, I am working on them.


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Two very cute Spicy Girls!!! It sounds like you had a great time! Isn't the connection amazing? Mikayla has that very same connection with her orphanage sister, who happens to live just 5 house up from us. It warms the heart to watch them together.

Mom to my China Posse said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I sure wish my girls could get together more with their China sisters. I loved the little matching shirts they had on. You always find the cutest things.

Amy said...

How sweet! I can't believe those two sat still long enough for their face to be painted like that. Hee hee! It sounds like you all had a lot of fun.

Esther said...

OMGOSH! They are TOO CUTE!!!!!!!
I wish I were there to laugh and enjoy the times with you all... Ahh~

Ellie, on the other note, might be intimidated by the Spicy Girls. Do you think that's why Brenda decided not to go in the end? :p JUST KIDDING.

annaliese said...

oh!!!! I miss you already!!!! the pictures are beautiful--what fun it was to spend time with you--definitely too brief, but there WILL be more times together...I hear Washington is lovely in the fall... ;)