Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Get away with only 2

It looks so empty with 2 kids missing!
Sawyer insisted on this photo because at dinner someone came to our table and took our picture and he was pouting in it. (he hates pictures) The guy wanted to sell me the picture in a keychain and I said no, which really upset Sawyer. He said he wanted a picture of us together! Such a mama's boy!
Makenna looks thrilled to be on the rookie karts!
Sawyer IS thrilled!
As we prepare to leave our children, we decided to do a weekend away w/ just our older 2. There are alot of things we feel bad that the oldest do not get to do, because of so many children and such size differences. And we know it will be quite some time before we can leave Mavery. So off to Branson we went. We had a GREAT time! 2 kids seemed SO easy! (not saying if you only have 2 kids I think your life is so easy, BUT if you have 4 kids and you are down to 2 for a weekend, 2 is easy!) No nap schedules to worry about, no cutting up anyones food, no getting to bed early, no waking up early! (ok, so i don't really wake up early, yes Sage does sleep till 9 or 10am)

We ate at Lamberts on our way down, always fun to catch the throwed rolls. We saw Journey to the Center of the Earth, which we all really liked.

Friday we spent the day at White Water. I wish I had a picture of Sawyer coming down the longest slide, you know the straight drop down one? I declined that one, as i get older, those just don't look as fun to me. He was excited to do it, till he was at the top and looked down! He did come down, once. And that was enough. Makenna on the other hand, could ride that all day long. We were able to ride everything, which was nice. That evening we saw Noah, the musical. The set was amazing and despite being exhausted from the water park, we all enjoyed it. You really did feel like you were inside the ark.
Saturday we saw a magic show, which the kids found amazing. Then they had their first go kart rides. We drove them on the fast cars the first time, then let them drive themselves on the rookie karts. We laughed so hard watching Sawyer, he was SO nervous, but did well.
We ate to much, played hard and just enjoyed each other.
Nice to get away and not think of LOA's for a little bit, and just to have time to spoil our big kids. And no worries, our little ones were spoiled more at home while we were away! The good news is, Sage did well being away from me. Not that we can compare a long weekend to 2 weeks in China, but it was a start. And they are both getting special days with us soon on their own, we would not leave them out!

On another note, we came home on Sunday and on Monday morning Makenna left for her first time ever at Children's Camp! A whole week of being gone. She was very excited, and I am very excited for her. I have wonderful memories of children's camp. The neat thing is, she went with her good friend Sydney, and MANY many years ago I went to camp w/ Sydneys mom Julie! I pray the girls have as much fun and make as many memories as we did!

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annaliese said...

so glad you had such a good time! like i said before--you have totally inspired us to do this with our older kiddos. it seems so obvious, yet i was just so much of the mindset that we couldn't leave anyone out! miss you!! ahhh!