Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Reunion Photo's

Take the key and lock them up!
Our new Puppy & Butterfly & Ladybug, love that face painting!So cute!Ms Fishy Face Evie!
This is the way to keep your children quiet during dinner, let them order HUGE rootbeer floats as an appetizer! Hey, we had 7 children between us, whatever works!

The Gove Family, we miss you guys!

Attempting a group photo, minus Sawyer, who hates having pictures done.

So funny, Sage saw this stuffed beaver and yelled, Hi Hammy! (remember the hamster stories? So now we can add that he is stuffed and resting at the St Louis arch!)

Getting ready to go up in the arch, Sage looks nervous!

This just made me laugh so i had to add it, peeking out the arch windows!
Sawyer having fun with Gabrielle! Those 2 were quite a pair the entire weekend. We told the Goves we were happy to set up a contract now for their future!

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