Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mavery's Closet

LOVE this one, and even if it is freezing cold, she is wearing it. Can't you just see that black hair and brown skin in this shade?
So sweet jammies
Have I ever mentioned that I adore Marshalls? Especially their summer clearance?
This outfit is so she will match the blog!
This was the first dress I bought her, ladybugs and polka dots, can't get cuter than that!
I might have a polka dot thing going here?
Oh and one of my favorites! This was made by my friend Robin! Go check out her auctions on my sidebar. The quality is fabulous! AND she is making a baby doll dress to match!
Mark thinks it is obnoxious to bring red white and blue with us, but i think this might be her consulate outfit, cute? the back of the shirt is ruffled, FUN!
What girl doesn't need a zebra stripe swimsuit?
And how cute is this?! My mom got Mavery the doll, and I found the dress's at Marshalls!

Again, stuck in bed, so catching up on my blogs! Don't forget to scroll down, don't want you to miss out on any of the fun, and I still need your help! I still have one more to go after this post. Over the last, oh, almost 9 months now, I have been collecting for My Mavery's wardrobe. And sadly, you will notice that most of these adorable little outfits are quite summery looking. WHERE IS MY LOA! Prayerfully it will still be warm so she can wear these oh so cute clothes! Now, I just need to get me some matching hair bows, you know that girl will be in big ole bows! Praying I am not looking for jackets to cover these up with.


Anonymous said...

I think the American flag outfit is very cute, but I have to agree with your husband that it would be tacky to wear in China. Nothing against you, and I'm not saying this to be mean, it's just my opinion. I think my favorite outfit is the first dress. It's very pretty!


Shannon said...

Hi Anne!
Thanks for the thought. I would agree, if I had not been to China and seen most of the kids dressed in red white and blue for the consulate appointment. I consulted with my asian friend and she thought we were weird to think this was weird, she thought it was cute to wear. I dress Sage in asian clothes here for things and I don't worry about offending the Americans! Anyways, i do appreciate your opinion. And my husband is always glad to see someone agree with him! ;-)

Mom to my China Posse said...

Having adopted 4 girls from China I will echo Shannon and said I would estimate 80 percent of the children at the Consulate appointments were sporting red white and Blue, after all it is The American consulate. My girls all had red white and blue on for that day after all we were celebratign coming home to the USA and for our daughters to become citizens.