Saturday, July 26, 2008

Need some help!

As you can tell, I am in blogging mode. Mainly because I am stuck in bed w/ the laptop after having minor surgery yesterday. I had novasure done, and hoping that once a month I am now going to be a much happier mama! Mark sure thinks it is going to make him much happier! ;-) I basically feel the way I felt after giving birth. Sadly, with no baby news to announce. But sure hopeful that news is coming soon! LOA could be ANYTIME!

Anyway, our desktop is having issues. So Mark has moved my outlook email over to my laptop for me. And what I have learned is that all the emails I thought I had in my addy book over there, were simply memorized by outlook on that computer. So when I typed in a on the to line, a bunch of names popped up, but they were not really saved. If that makes any sense. So what I need is for you to email me, if you have not heard from me in the last week. Because I do not have your email address.

And I also lost all of my saved blogs that I visit. Which is making me very sad, especially as I am stuck in bed with the laptop! So if you will kindly email me your blog, or leave me a comment so I can visit you & then save it on my laptop.


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annaliese said...

I am so sorry to hear that you were stuck in bed! I sure hope you are feeling much better now, my friend!