Thursday, July 10, 2008

Want some Squeaky Shoes??

Many of you have asked me about the squeaky shoes that Sage has worn. Many of you hate the shoes that Sage wears! ;0) But if you chase around children under 4 years old, squeaky shoes are your friend, I promise! Someone that I know has a bunch of brand new shoes that she is selling to raise money for their adoption from China. She is selling them for only $6 plus shipping, a VERY good deal compared to any I have seen online. I have included a little information from her below. You can email Kelly at Put squeaky shoes in the subject line. Happy shopping and feel good knowing you are helping to bring a little girl home to her forever family!
General:I have as small as American size 4I have as large as American size 12I will also post a conversion chartI have some smaller boys sizes...have teddy bear or are navyI have some "tennis" style shoes for girls, various colors of Maryjane's, some with American flags, some brocade,white "boot", and sandals.colors range from white to black --pink -off white- navy- hot pink- lavender -red,-brownWhat I will do is upload photos of all as well as sizes in each.I will also have a form to fill out for you to order.There is a possibility I could place another order if there is something I do not have (sizes) that you want.It would have to be prepaid though.SO--Hopefully in the next day, I will post a website link for you to look at and an order from.PAYPAL is my desired form of payment. Checks will be fine but I will mail merchandise after receipt of payment.(sorry been burned before)I will be corresponding to you via this e-mail so you may reply here.It is less busy than my other one and the chances of me missing your e-mail is less.THANK YOU SO MUCH-kelly

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