Saturday, July 26, 2008

Makenna is home!

Sydney, Ms Jenny & Makenna, all looking very tired!
Sweet Friends!
The kids had fun making a sign to welcome her home!

Well we all survived Makenna's first week ever at Children's Camp. I did not get called to come get her early, and I am pretty sure she would have happily stayed another week she had so much fun! Makenna is typically not my talker, she leaves that to the members of our family that begin with S. But today, she had much to say and we sure enjoyed hearing all of it. I am into the details of everything, and I did get details! I know what she ate, who slept where, what the missionary talked about, and everything in between. She was bummed she did not get to share a cabin with Sydney, but I was proud of her for making new friends, and she was happy to spend every other minute besides the cabin with Sydney! Oh the memories of summer camp.

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