Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Girl Beds- Will we all sleep tonight?

Very Excited!
Leaving the crib up till we see if this is going to work!

pretending to sleep.

Big girl beds!

Beautiful girl

Sage broke her tent on her bed. Not on purpose. She was swinging from the inside and ripped it enough to be able to unzip herself. So, she has been letting herself out, but only when she is done sleeping. Not getting up during the night or up early, nothing that crazy. ;-) We figured we could go ahead and try the toddler bed. It would make things much easier on our upcoming trips if we do not have to drag their beds along. Not to mention that they are going to turn 4 in November and yes I still have them in cribs. But they are such good sleepers I have hated to chance messing that up. But I gave in, especially when Sage said she would give up the mermer if we let her have a bed. That would be pacifier and I should be embarrassed to admit that she still has that. I am not. ;-) But happy today when she told us to send them to the babies in China! We were just going to try Sage in a bed but you know that did not go to well for Mavery. So, they both got a toddler bed out, went to bed like perfect little angels and we will see how the night goes. I will be bolting all the outside doors and keeping the monitors up loud just to be certain they are not out running the neighborhood on me! I have to say, this is making me pretty sad though. We are done with diapers, diaper bags, now pacifiers and cribs. What is a mommy to do?


Mom 2 six said...

Hope it went well. Mia still doesnt know that she can open the door to come out of her room in the morning - it is great ! I know what you mean about not wanting to change anything for fear it will goof things up!

Anonymous said...

For cryin' out loud - ENJOY IT! No diapers, no diaper bags, no cribs! That's awesome! Florida will be soooo much fun! Tell them Aunt Bubby is sooo proud of them!

Shawnstribe said...

aww what a cutie in her bed hope all went well : )
gorgeous photos

Amy said...

I know Saturday night went well. Is it still working out?