Sunday, July 12, 2009

Johnsons Shut Ins

Makenna & 1 of her counselors. Sweet girl! Funny thing, she was homeschooled and so was half of Makennas cabin. Not a homeschool camp, just neat to work out that way. We took a little hike at the campground and stopped at this, so beautiful.
Johnson Shut Ins. I did not get a picture of the big rocks, this was just when we first got in and started playing.

Pennys BBQ. I had the TWENTY FOUR oz pork kabobs which would have fed my entire family. I did not eat them all, in case you are worried. YUM!

We are having to much family fun on the weekends here for CHEAP! ;-) Last weekend we visited Elephant Rock. This Saturday we picked Makenna up from camp and then headed over to Johnson Shut Ins. I can't believe we live just 90 minutes from these things and I have never been! First, Makenna really loved camp. She is already talking about next year and even liked it better than last years camp which had air conditioning, so that is a good sign! It seemed to be very laid back and relaxed and I am so happy she enjoyed it so much.

After pick up we headed over to the Shut Ins with the Harriss family. (their daughter Kyra went w/ Makenna to camp) It is similar to Elephant Rock in that it is BIG rocks, but this time there is water with the rocks. It was quite a workout w/ the little girls, but we made it and had a fun time. (if we were able to get an all day sitter, I would have, so if you have littles, keep that in mind.) It was really beautiful down there. We had Pennys BBQ on the way home. YUM, yum, if you live in the area you must go and get it at least for carry out. YUM! ;-)

So climbing on rocks last weekend. Climbing on rocks with water this weekend. What in the world will we do next weekend? Thanks Harriss Family for such a fun time! We love spending time with good friends!

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Kelly said...

Johnson Shut-Ins looks very neat!!! We will definantly have to visit there. It looks like you all had a very good time!!! Glad Makenna's camp went well. I'm sure you missed her!!! I know I missed Mark when he was gone.- Very well worth it though, since he gave his life to Christ and was baptized!!!