Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July, Maverys 1st!

After a change of plans we ended up at my aunts for the 4th of July. Thanks Debbie for letting us come last minute! ;-) We had a great time, even though they cancelled the fireworks in our town. Aunt Debbie had bought a blow up pool and the kids had a blast. Mavery is doing GREAT in the water now. Just amazing how she gets over her fears of these new things so quickly and I am proud of her. Which is mostly due to the fact that she is not about to let Sage do something she can't/won't do. ;-) TJ did put on a little fireworks display for us which everyone enjoyed besides Sage. She does not like loud anything & sat on my lap with my hands over her ears. As we came home for the evening we were excited to see our neighbors having a friendly fireworks competition that was really great. So we camped out in the backyard and had our own show! Kids were all excited. (Besides Sage but as long as my hands were over the ears, all was well) So Maverys first 4th was a fun night and that girl did not even flinch at the noise. The louder the better! The most exciting thing for the little girls is all the American Flags flying everywhere. Nothing cuter than 2 chinese 3 year olds saying the Pledge of Allegiance and being proud to be Americans!

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Anonymous said...

It really was a great time! I loved watching the kids - they are invited to Aunt Debbies (Bubby's} house anytime!