Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Sorry so many posts in one night, if only I could stay up with the blog better!
We took the kids to Incredible Pizza tonight. This was Maverys first time at a place like this and she LOVED it. A perfect place for my sensory seeker! However I am at a loss. So I get that she needs to be stimulated, but then how do you bring her down? Because if you make her stop for a second, she threw a fit. We started the night with Mark taking her on the go karts. Sage wanted nothing to do with those. Mavery LOVED them! I think after that the kiddie rides were to tame for her! We have no doubt she is going to LOVE Disney rides, but those lines are going to be fun.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are in the St. Louis area, right? If so, try Dr. Fernandez at Sunset Pediatric Dentistry. He is the only pediatric dentist in the area. His office is located off Watson Road in Sunset Hills/Crestwood. I do not have the phone number on me but you can look them up.

Hillsboro, MO

Amy in Arizona said...

Do you have a trampoline? All of our boy's OTs have recommended them. We have a little mini tramp, but we hope to get a big one once we figure out where we are going to be living. Also, I've heard those jumpy houses are really good too. I guess you just have to wear the little buggers out!!!