Friday, July 24, 2009


Sayings I never want to forget from my Spicy Girl.
While driving down the highway "Mom, mom its guitarget, lets go shopping!" (this would be Target!)
"Don't tickle my ribbons" (Ribs)
"When I get bigger I am going to get bracelets on my teeth like Makenna". (Braces)
"I have buttons and some day they will be big!" (yeah, go ahead and guess that one!)
She often says "when God turns me into a boy, or when God turns me into a big person, or when God makes my eyes blue" And she is still certain that she does NOT want hazel eyes like me, she wants "pretty eyes like Daddy and Makenna & Sawyer & Malaine" I was waiting when she said "when God turns me into a boy I will have" for what was coming but it was to have legos to build with! Thankfully that was all. ;-)
Her prayers are my favorite. "Please let me go to Ms Jennys house, please let Grammy buy me a bride dress, please help me not be afraid of the thunder, please help me get to chew gum, please help us get a new baby". WHAT? She sure has this on her mind alot. Mark sure hopes it is not some sort of sign.
Her new favorite song is Never Let Go by the David Crowder Band. (love it!) But do you want to know why my spicy girl loves it? Because it allows her to say OH MY soul. We have banned Oh my from our vocabulary because Mavery kept saying "oh my gosh" which did not sound like Gosh." So now that it is banned they want to say it ALWAYS. At first we just said no saying oh my gosh. They would say oh my head, oh my foot, oh my whatever they could think of. Then we said do not say OH MY ANYTHING. So the heavens opened up when they realized that they could sing this song and not get in trouble! ;-) Sage is a sneaky one. I catch her behind closed doors singing it over and over, specifically that verse.
This girl just makes me laugh and laugh!

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OH MY what a sweet girl!