Friday, July 31, 2009

Good News!

Catching up with a few things and good news!

Mavery had her appointment today with the heart doctor. FINALLY we got good news! A normal heart has a pressure in the ventricle of about 20-25. At her very first appointment hers was at 75. After the open heart surgery it was only down to 56. But today it is @ 35! Even Dr Goel seemed pleasantly surprised and for that we are glad. When we walked in he was already talking about scheduling her next cath, possibly next week so this news came with much relief after the scan was done! We do not have to return for SIX MONTHS! We are a little confused on if when we go back there will still be a cath if it is the same or if it is worse. Not sure on that one, but he did say that he is very hopeful her next cath will not be for 3-5 YEARS and so that is our prayer to. But regardless we are just thankful for good news. We know that MANY prayers are going up on behalf of Mavery and we believe that God has touched and healed her little heart more than doctors could imagine, and that He will continue to do so. Thank you for praying and believing with us!

We are on our way to Kansas City for a weekend of reunions! We will be staying with Marks brother and the kids are very excited to play with their cousins. While there we will get to see Ming Ming and family (Maverys friend we traveled to China with). We will get to see Tatumn, Sage’s friend from her orphanage and our dear travel mates. And we also finally get to meet my friend Tracy whom is one of my sweet online friends I have never met! ;-) I can’t wait and will be posting lots of pictures soon! We get home from this trip just in time to re pack our bags for Chicago. Fun times!

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Kelly said...

That's AWESOME news Shannon!!! God is so VERY good. Look forward to hearing your good time stories when you get back!!!