Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Congratulations Mavery

That is what Mark said to her earlier today. "Congratulations Mavery. I have a few days in my lifetime that were the longest days ever, and you have accounted so far for 2 of those, and I have only known you 2 months! " ;0) It has been a rough morning. Here is how it went.

Mavery: I have to go potty. I take her to the potty where she throws herself on the ground and screams no potty. After we do this 15 times I finally force her diaper off of her and sit her on it. (she is fully pottytrained but obviously diapers are safe right now!) She sits and then tells me, go away mommy. While she pushes at me and falls off the potty or into it, depending which of the times we are in the bathroom.

Me pulling out every toy that might keep her sitting while she throws them all at me. Have I mentioned how strong she is?

Praying that this will be the day this child likes TV. As soon as I grab the remote she screams NO DORA, takes the remote and wings it across the room. Though she did let me turn on Jon & Kate plus 8, it must remind her of her siblings! (she won't watch but watching it makes me feel a little better!)

The things that made her happy? A bag of skittles and then a whole container of those baby puffs. Dumped all over the carpet and then put into her mouth. Do you think that bothered me? No way. She ate them slowly, she was calm and quiet and sitting.

I did lay her down for awhile earlier this AM and she fell asleep after screaming. I jumped into bed giddy w/ excitement that it was so quiet and dreaming of a nap. And then she screamed. And screamed. And screamed.

I did not scream, but to tell the truth, I kind of wanted to.

I called the hospital sure that they have overdosed my kid and that something is wrong with her. They assured me this was quite normal for how much medicine was needed to keep her asleep during the cath. She said she guessed about 3pm she would come out of it and crash. I told her I was holding her to that and if not, we were spending the night at her house tonight! She told me if she has not come out of it later today, to call back. I begged for anything to make her sleep, she said do not give her anything more.

So we decided maybe a drive was in order. Lock her in her car seat. But do NOT let her sleep because if she falls asleep in the car, she does not transfer to her bed. She did not fall asleep. We made it home, she tried to drink a bowl of soup and ended up wearing it. She had a dirty diaper, which she NEVER does. And then we put her to bed. And it is quiet. She wanted a mermer like Sage and she got it.

I am joining her. Without a pacifier of course.

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Danielle said...

Praying for you to both get a nap and to have a much better afternoon than morning.