Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures After Heart surgery and today

I was trying to decide if I should post pictures of Mavery. I know many of you let your children see the blog, so I don't want to scare them. But, I know how helpful it was to me to see pictures of what to expect her to look like. Plus I know you would like to lay eyes on Ms Mavery and see how she is yourself!

The first 3 are all right after we saw her for the first time. Out. Another good thing about that gorgeous asian skin. She does not look so pale like we would! Just a nice shade of orange! ;-)

This was right after the breathing tube came out. We did not want to use the flash because we were trying to keep her still and calm!

These were just this morning. So fuzzy, becuase they have the room very dark and again don't want to use a flash. But I love it when she sleeps like this! Though soon after she did this the nurse had to come in because she was setting off an alarm by laying on a wire.


Karen Mercer said...

Good morning!!! And I mean Good. I couldn't wait to get to work this morning so I could catch up and see what kind of night you had. It was so hard for me to stay at church last night. I wanted to come and may still come. I liked seeing the pictures. It is good to see her. I am just prasing God for His mercy and goodness to her and for continued and fast healing.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...


She looks good after all of the scariness that went on yesterday. Ray and I agree with Karen, it is a GOOD morning, and we thank God as a new day dawns for your Miss Mavery. Judy and Ray

Heather said...

I hope Mavery continues to improve every day and that she is soon back to her normal self! My oldest daughter had her second OHS at 18m and I was amazed at how quickly she recovered!

Cassie said...

Praise God for a brand new day... a new day to sing His praises. I am so glad Mavery is doing better. The pictures were a sight for sore eyes. Please know I am still here praying for you all and that today will be better then you can dream of and that Mavery be back to her smiling self in no time.

Loving you guys from afar

Momtofour said...

I am so happy to see that precious angel's face! Oh how I have been praying! She looks SO GOOD!!!! I hope mama is holding up...sending you huge hugs.