Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Things

  • So big on bullets tonight! But so easy to keep track...
  • We will have Internet and I will have my laptop.
  • My phone gets emails.
  • I will be updating the blog, if not me then Jenny or Amy will.
  • If for some reason you have a question that I can't get to you, you can email them TGAG624@charter.net which is Amy or Jenny at jauld83@gmail.com Just in case we go missing for some snowed in cuts off our internet reason there! ;0)


Rebel said...

Mavery,your entire family, and Mavery's medical team will be front and center in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you find peace during such an emotional time.

Rebel Judge

Anonymous said...

Praying for strength, peace and health for all the Laxtons.
God Bless You All!