Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adoption Cards!

In honor of my brother in laws birthday today, thought I would share some of his amazing creativity with you! He lives in Kansas City, Mo and does many jobs. He works at a church full time, but also does photography. I wanted to pass on his information, in case you are interested. He will do cards for you if you need them for adoption, baby, graduation, etc.. And the quality is really good. He is very patient. (you know he is if he does them for me!) And you don't' have to live in KC, you can do everything through email. BUT, if you live close enough to have him do your photos, I promise you will have a fun time! You can check out his website by going here . And if you want a sample, I still have lots of cards left, I can mail you one of ours!
**Pictures are Sage(just some he took at the kids birthday party last summer) along with my niece Tyler and nephew Graham.
Happy Birthday Brett! (as if he reads the blog, doubtful!) ;0)

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