Monday, January 05, 2009

Mavery is in...

Well, Ms Mavery was quite comical this morning. We pulled her right out of bed to bring her, and she was so funny, just kept giving us her cheesy smile. We got to the hospital and while she was not so excited at first about the name bracelet, she was fine with it once she realized it was actually kind of "pretty". While we waited I think Mavery had the staff all a little nervous with her bouncing around and they said they would decide how much medicine to give her once back. ;-) They came in to give her numbing cream and medicine which she did not like. But after that happy drink started kicking in, we(and there are alot of we here!) all laughed and laughed with her. After keeping us all entertained for a few minutes, they let us walk her back to the room. And I knew she was out of it when she let the nurse take her and was smiling at her and playing with her hair!

The only thing that had us "concerned" is that when the doctor walked in to talk to us he asked if our Dr had told us about the aneurysm in her heart. He said it is where they patched the heart during surgery and that it is not a huge concern. (not huge???) He also seemed to think they would for sure be doing a stint this morning. So we should hear from him soon.

I will add some pictures and video of our fun morning soon! Thank you for praying, we feel them for sure.

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Mom to my China Posse said...

Shannon and Mark, Were covering dear Mavery with prayer this morning and can't wait to here shes in recovery and doing well. I will keep checking in.