Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today has gone pretty well for Mavery. She slept alot and when awake was happy and talking in that sweet voice. She was excited about a new purse from Grammy and stickers. We were excited about homemade dumplings made by Lisa & Sheila for lunch! Thanks!

Mavery ate a couple of crackers, but that is about it. I can tell she is more uncomfortable today. There have been quite a few times that were so hard to watch her in pain. I was holding her for a long time and she was sleeping on my lap, she was very restless. She finally started really crying and asking to be put in bed. So I know she is in pain because you know Mavery is like superglued to me most of the time! They have given her morphine now for the pain. We went alot of the day with only tylenol so when she was drugged she was sleeping comfortablly.

We will move to the floor tomorrow. We could have moved today but I requested we stay in ICU one more night. I like having our own nurse, it just makes me feel better. And they agreed it was fine.

They have now removed the cath, so she is able to get up and potty! Which is not easy with all the tubes. We did get one more line out so we are getting there.

The amazing thing is how she is acting. I expected her to be pulling out tubes and wires and she is not at all. Really calm.

We had visitors this evening bearing REALLY yummy pasta! We feel so spoiled by everyone taking care of us.

Will write more...


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Such great news!! What a trooper that Mavery is!


Cassie said...

Chin up my friend...I am told that at various time in our lives our kids won't know us for who we are.....but I am sure you look just beautiful!!!! I am thankful tonight that Mavery is doing better and will continue to pray for you and Mavery that you get a good nites sleep and are even better in the morning!! Rest easy in our Saviours hand's for now. Mavery is a trooper and so are you... stand tall in your faith and he will not let you down.

Sleep tight.... still praying here in Texas
Love ya