Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayer Requests for Mavery (& us!)

Just some things that I am asking you to pray for us:

  • Peace for us as she leaves our arms. Is that possible?
  • Strength for the days after.
  • HEALTH for all of us. Makenna has a stomach ache tonight and I am SOO worried the flu is still here.
  • Health for Mavery. Please remember that she has not had her immunizations, so if you visit we need to be very very cautious. (this will be for the month after also.) No children visiting please. That sounds so mean and please know that I hate being that way but I know that you understand! We can't take ANY risks.
  • BUT please know that I do not mind visitors! ;0) Or emails or text messages or blog comments. You know I don't like being stuck alone! I have treasured the sweet notes and comments you have left and hope that you know that I really appreciate them.
  • Pray for the surgeons. I liked him today, he was impressed with my daughter so that won him points! Though I think he was pretty sure Mavery would be directing surgery tomorrow if she could, he saw her spunk for sure! His name is Dr Huddleston.
  • PATIENCE for ALL of us in the next week. All who will deal with Mavery and with me!
  • our kidlets here at home. Mavery and Sage are really getting tight, more and more each day. I know it is going to be hard on them to be apart. It is hard for me to leave them again after just getting home. I know that they are in good hands, but still hard. We hope they will be able to visit over the weekend, but we will have to wait and see.
  • That we can simply get there safely tomorrow in this crazy snow!
  • That Mavery will be healed and in my arms quickly.
  • Peace...

And 2 that are not about us

  • Marks brother meets with his surgeon tomorrow in Kansas City about his upcoming brain surgery. Please pray as big decisions are made.
  • My friend Gail is having surgery on her glands out of state.

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