Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cardiologist Visit

Forgot to add what Dr Goel said today. (Our cardiologist. ) If you are a heart patient you have a cardiologist,who you see regularly. But they do not do your surgery, they refer you to a surgeon. So we had a surgeon for the cath and a different surgeon for this open heart.

He said he thinks that the "other problem" is probably still related to the problem we just fixed, the narrow artery. But when you are doing a heart cath, you can only look at one certain area, and then a surgeon inside can only see one area. So, they believe that there could be narrowing of this same artery farhter into the lung, which makes sense with how narrow it was to begin with. We will visit with him in one week and he will do another echo of just the area that is a problem. If they see narrowing in that area, he believes it will be able to be fixed with a cath & a stint. Which might happen in 6 weeks. (not before so this repair can heal) So basically we should find out more with in 2 weeks.

He said the reason they did not stint this narrowing during the cath earlier this month, was because they knew the aneurysm had to come out. If they had put a stint in there, they would have had to cut through it to get to the aneurysm. Today he made the aneurysm sound more serious than he did before. And a few people that came in said it was "very" large. Dr Goel said he had not seen an aneurysm that size in over 20 years. It is something to do with the material they use to patch. What they use here now, does not cause aneurysm. (I asked if there was a chance of another)

He also could look at the echo and decide that nothing needs to be done for now, and we will just do echos regularly to watch it. Maybe every 3 months, maybe every 6. I am trying to prepare myself that we will probably be back here before to long. But will be happy to wait and not have to put Mavery through anything else soon.

I apologize for the poor grammar, but I am just to tired to really care!


Party of Seven said...

Can they see the aneurysm on an echo?? Just curious because of your comment about the material they use in China, my daughter surgery for her ToF was done in China. Thanks.
Also I remember you saying she had a bump on her chest from the way they put her back together in China, I also remember her referral pic of her chest that we saw. Since she has another OHS did they fix this reopening her or will it always be like that? My daughter has the same thing with her chest. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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