Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes Man

Friday night Mark and I had a date night. He wanted to see a movie, I agreed as long as it was A. not sad B. Did not involve thinking C. Made me laugh D. you get the point.

So, our options were limited. Yes Man was the only thing and we saw that. I did not think it was bad. It was Jim Carey, so a little raunchy, a little corny, but exactly what I was looking for. (not that I was looking for raunchy, oh you know what I mean!!)

The point of the movie is that basically he is a negative person, always saying no. Then he takes this pledge that he is going to say yes, no matter what. And how sometimes saying yes, even when we do not want to, leads us to unexpected blessings.

Point taken. And though I hate to admit I learned anything from Jim Carey, isn't it true?

How many times a day, do I say no to my children automatically?

How many times do I say no to helping others out because I am to busy, to tired, to many kids?

What would life be like if I said yes to everything? Now if you have seen the movie, you know there are things he said yes to, that were not so good. And there are many things that I have said no to even in the past year, that were right to say no to. I have stepped back from alot of things that I enjoyed doing, but know that saying no was good for the season I am in.

However, I know that I say no many times I should say yes. How many things does God ask of me that I am quick to say no?

I know I really want to say no to what we are facing next week. I do not want to put Mavery through any of that. Or me either!

But in saying that, aren't I saying that I wish I had said no a year ago when I saw her? Wouldn't life be easier now if I had said no then?

Of course it would be easier, but it would not be right.

I said yes, and Mark said yes. We agreed this is our daughter, no matter the cost. No matter what we go through or she goes through, she is ours. Even now, there is no doubt. I have never once questioned if we did the right thing.

Instead I have been that much more thankful for the way the Father brought her to us. Of course we were shocked that her heart was so much more serious than we expected. Yet I know that there were reasons that was not in her report.

We needed to say yes. We need her as our daughter, our sister, as a part of this family.

It was almost a no. And now, look at her! She is here and we are going to help her be healed.

So, as I think of being a "yes man" and how close we came to saying no, and now seeing the blessing we would have missed, I hope I can remember to slow down, and remember, God might have bigger blessings waiting that can't even begin to comprehend!

And I hope that next week, as I send my daughter off to surgery, and spend a week living in the hospital with her, He will open my eyes to whatever it is He wants me to see through this. And that I will say yes with a smile.


Mom to my China Posse said...

I sure wish i would have seen Yes Man instead of Gran Torino last weekend. That movie has haunted me every since. I needed somethign light.
I am praying for Mavery and I just know she will be healed very soon. Hang in there,

Our House of Five said...

Hey what's up??? I thought you wanted a movie that didn't make you think??????? You know total escapisim? Jeepers, there is a message out there evrywhere-no hiding!!!!! In case you second guess yourself-I am sure that swinging from light fixtures is still a NO!

Have a good day my nice thoughtful friend!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! I agree 1 million percent! You made me think as well!

Praying for Mavery!

Shawnstribe said...

that movie had a profound effect on me too!!!!
i have been trying tosay yes to God since watching it with Juls the other day, and God has been sending me so many people to come my way....
YES to God!!!!!
praying for you girlfriend!!!!