Friday, January 30, 2009

Long Day but Good-Friday

I have lots of pictures that I want to share of today, but want to get this blog done first.

It was a busy day. There is never a quiet moment in the hospital. We went down for the lung profusion scan. Mavery was quite excited to ride in the wheelchair with me! She did AMAZING during the procedure. Our girl has charmed the entire hospital out of every sticker they have and band aides, she loves to hold band aides! So while she was being scanned, everyone in the room just kept bringing over stickers, and more stickers, and band aides! We could tell ourselves in the scan that there was not much change, you can just see that the left lung is not working much. And the lady doing the scan said the same thing. Our doctor came in tonight and had not seen the results but said he was not surprised by this and said we would most likely be back for a cath with in the next 6 weeks to 3 months. ;-( We do know the surgery had to happen this week because of the aneurysm. I just hate that she will go through yet another thing with in months of being home.

After the scan they moved us to our new room. I was in a small panic because they put us in the bed 1(by the door) and a baby was in the room. Now, if you have been to Childrens, you understand. But these rooms, they most certainly were designed by a man. And a man that does not have children is my guess. (no offense to men, really) Because you walk in and there is a bed, w/ a chair next to it. And that is it. Then there is a bed next to that. But on the other side of the 2nd bed is a couch, a desk, cabinets etc. The door to the bathroom is right next to the 2nd bed, the sink is at the end of the 2nd bed. So if you are bed 1, bad news. If you are in bed 2, PERFECT. Lucky for us the baby was moving out of the room, so they just slid us over to bed 2, and actually we have no one in the room so we are spread out all across it. They said they are empty and we should be fine. Yeah God for this space tonight! We did try to get a crib for Mavery but she was having none of that. Hard to blame her, they really did look like cages. So hopefully there will be no escaping the bed tonight. We are pushing chairs up against the rails, making bumpers out of blankets etc..

I can't remember if I talked about them taking out her arterial line. It was stitched into her shoulder. No problems there. After we got moved in they took out her drainage tube. I did not watch, but I heard lots of comments from our family and friends who did watch. I do know the nurse was splattered in blood, quite alot, and she was talking about how long the line was. So gross. Even looking at it was making me sick. Just this tube going straight into her chest. Ugh. They cleaned her chest and it looks good. They did have to make a longer cut this time, but it is thinner. It is pretty long though, poor thing. The bump is still there, I know they said sometimes they can try to fix it, but sometimes they can't stay in any longer. I did not ask the reason because I figure if they could have fixed it, they would have. The bump actually looked larger to me, but I assume swelling. She has gauze covering it now and we will change the dressing on it for a week till we see Dr Goel then he will tell us if we need it longer. No bath for a month, except a tiny bit of water. No soaking. Her and Sage will miss their swim time together!

They did give her morphine for the tube removal. She cried a little, but not much. We went down next to do another echo and EKG. She and I both about fell asleep laying on the table this time. The guy told me to go ahead and nap, he promised not to make fun of me if I was snoring and drooling all over Mavery! These tests are to tell just how the heart is doing after surgery. The doctor had not seen these tests when he came in tonight so we will find out tomorrow what they say. We also had a chest xray done. She laid on the table and said cheese as they took her picture!

We came to the room and she wanted to sit on the couch and play with her jewelry and her purse. Ate a sucker then wanted to go for a walk. The change in her is amazing. Really. 48 hours after being cut open twice, and she is walking the halls with a smile. How can anyone say God does not hear our prayers? I know that people are praying for Mavery all around the world and He has answered! Every time a doctor or nurse talks about how well she is doing or does during a test, I tell them that this little angel is covered in a blanket of prayers. I love to share her story about where she has come from and what God is already going in her little life. Can you even imagine what He is going to do with her?

One way we know that Mavery is feeling better is that she is back to her fashion concerns. Her bracelets are covering her arms, despite the IVs. (she did talk them into taking out an IV, she kept telling them it hurts. I really think it had something to do with it not matching the rest of the bling. ) She has her necklaces on. And she has not let go of her purse. She was very concerned about her purse while we were down getting tests today! Oh and her boots, have I mentioned the boots? Today the nurse was cracking up because she had to potty. She comes out w/ her booty hanging out of the gown, but by golly she has her boots on and is carrying that purse! I wish I could have snapped a photo, but it takes an army to pee you know when you are hooked up to so many things!

I was very excited to be able to take a shower in our room FINALLY. We have our own bathroom in here and can store our cooler. It's the little things you know.

Ok, it is taking me so long to finish this because we now have Mavery back. Wild girl! She was sleeping when I started, but then woke up. She managed to pull out her 2nd IV because of all that bling. They said she can be DONE with IV's as long as she keeps drinking! She is guzzling sprite and going pee like crazy so these are good things. Because we were told tonight that if she pees enough, we go home TOMORROW!!!!!! Can you believe that? 3 days after surgery? Of course this came from the nurse. When I asked the doctor, he said we will see. We want to go home tomorrow! After she pulled out the IV she decided she wanted to walk. So we walked the entire floor and she enjoyed showing off her boots and purse to the nurses. She is so silly.

Dr Ivy, the doctor from Taiwan I told you about? She came to our room tonight to tell Mavery bye. She asked Mavery to come home with her because she loved her so much and told her she would really miss her. She was very excited because we brought up all her chinese paperwork and she sat and translated it trying to figure out some heart history. Unfortunately it did not help much as it ends at surgery. We are going to try to track down some more information through Maverys orphanage, or maybe even my calling the hospital. Dr Ivy was very willing to call the hospital in China to try and find out more. I have no idea if this is possible, but we will see what we can do. Not sure that it will help in any way, but I know our surgeon is very curious on their line of thinking on some things. I promised Dr Ivy we would come visit her when we came back to the hospital.

My sweet friend Tracy had some amazing cupcakes delivered. Just what the doctor ordered today! For mommy anyways! They are seriously HUGE and delicious and oh so yummy! Heavenly Tracy, really. They will just be rolling me out of the hospital I swear with the way you all are feeding me. I can't even begin to list the cookies and brownies and dove chocolate and all that is sitting here! Kind of mean isn't it when I just said I was going to start the shred soon? ;0) No, it means my girls KNOW me and know what helps me!

So, a good day for Mavery. We are line free(besides the monitoring) she is walking, she is smiling, and right now, she is eating skittles! And of course we are in a room all alone. Now, if we can be home tomorrow and see the rest of the kids! I have a video tonight of Sage & Mavery calling each other, I hope to get it up w/ pictures. SOOO cute.

I am sorry I am not able to respond to any emails, I am reading just cant write back and blog! I know some of you had questions that I want to answer and once home will do that I promise.

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Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

I'm SO happy to see the amazing progress that Mavery is making! All glory to God and prayer!!!

Your a wonderful mom Shannon!