Friday, January 30, 2009

Fridays Agenda

I was hopeful today might include a shower for me, but maybe not, sounds like a busy one. We slept fair. She really did pretty well, just one time of being in alot of pain, telling me she wanted to be in the bed(though she was in bed), ow it hurt etc.. But morphine helped and thankfully she seemed to know me most of the night.
The doctor came in and said she looks great. They are scheduling the lung profusion scan(this is like an MRI and it measure the blood flow to the lungs, They give her medicine and watch as it flows through.) They will also take out the arterial line which is stitched in her shoulder and was used for drugs during surgery and after for heart meds. Also will remove the drainage tube coming out of her chest. Oh and will change her dressing for the first time. I asked the nurse if removing the chest tube will hurt and she said it is not pleasant. So I asked if we could do everyting at one time while on drugs today!
Please pray she tolerates these things well. We are another step closer to home!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Sounds like you have alot going on today. Hope you get that room with a veiw. It always help having something to look at besides machines and seeing the outside world always helps. I am sorry to hear about the families you talked about struggling with sickness and accidents , I will keep them in prayer. I remember the other day you talked of a heart transplant after Mavery's surguery a doctor was doing, I am hoping that went well for that family. Today is Annah third Birthday so we will be celbrating that today. Hope all Mavery's tests go well today.


Nancy said...

Just got back from a vacation...some place warm lol...and am catching up on my blog readings. So glad to hear Mavery's doing well. Aren't you glad the surgery part is over? Will keep Mavery in my prayers.


Petrie said...

Shannon, Greetings from a fellow China Heart Mom. We're keeping Mavery in prayer and look forward to the day you take her home.