Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Night before Surgery

11:00 PM Went to bed with 2 tylenol sleep

12:00 AM still awake & Mavery is restless crying out in her sleep.

12:15 AM still awake and Makenna comes in to tell me she really wants to throw up.

2:00 AM still awake worried that Makenna is going to puke, that I am going to puke and just worried. Mavery still restless.

2:15 AM Sawyer and Malaine come in because they want to sleep with us. Take them back to their room.

3:00 Still awake and cursing the makers of tylenol sleep because what good is it if it won't let me sleep? Worried about Mavery, worried about the snow coming down and the roads we live on, worried about the kids who are obviously upset. Worried..

3:45 look at the clock and think I should just get up and get ready.

4:20 AM the alarm goes off, I am dead asleep, finally.

4;35 Marks alarm goes off, I turned mine off and had gone back to sleep.

Rush around, get ready, cry, want to throw up, watch Mark try to get our van out in panic because our road has not been plowed, then with relief watch the snow plow come through. Watch ALL the kids get up at 5AM, load our stuff into Jennys car, who drove our babysitter Danielle out, because our car is so bad in the snow. Drive to the hospital with Mavery who screams most of the way because she hates car seats. Bad roads which makes me a stressful rider, feel like I have a 1000 pound weight sitting on my chest. I just wish it was 2 weeks from right now.


Chisum Family said...

He knows your struggles and fears even before you know them and has you covered. Father, keep this precious family under the shadow of Your "papa wings" where nothing but your peace, grace, and strength abides. Let Mavery feel Your strong, comforting arms holding her even now as you guide the hands of the surgeons and heal her heart. Thank you for this family and Your faithfulness that will keep and sustain when nothing else can.

Shannon, you and your family are in my heart. I'm asking our Friend and Father to shower you with hugs and His deepest affections.

Much love and peace--Leigh

Our House of Five said...

Ah, Mommy fun! Just when I think I can complain or whine a little, you have to show me up and have bigger worries-thanks a bunch Shannon! Keeping your sweet family very near today and sending many, many prayers, thoughts and good karma your way!